Who am I?

A rising junior at Yale-NUS College. Major in Math, Computational and Statistical Sciences.

Taking a class on Algorithms and Data Structures using OCaml, a functional programming language. Implemented:

Huffman compression tries
Deterministic finite automata for Knuth-Morris-Pratt Search Algorithm
Hash Tables for fingerprint scanning
Persistent Arrays

Participating in Hackathons to improve my software development skills. Aims to be proficient in Python, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS to build applications.

I created this blog for 2 purposes: 

1) document findings from the web that are worth reading
2) document my journey through computer science

I tag each post with the following categories:

1) computer science : self-evident
2) web : for stuff I find on the web

Under the following categories I tag them further with context-specific tags.


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