Internship at Metalworks – Week 2 [2 June to 5 June 2015]

After a really hectic week, this week was a lot more steady (and relaxed) and I got down to learning JavaScript properly. I had time to reflect on what happened last week – I felt bad for not being able to finish the circuit on my own, and I realized that experience really plays a part. My experience with electronics in school was more like “if it works, then it’s fine”, but in the workplace, things can’t just “work” on the surface level. The little details have to fit in well with the overall picture (i.e. where the circuit needs to flatten, how the buses are going to be placed) in order for the product to be “fine”. There is a natural higher standard to everything here, and I appreciate that.

My schedule this week by the way:
Monday:        Public Holiday
Tuesday:        Testing
Wednesday:  Testing / Packing
Thursday:      Day off! / JavaScript with Codecademy
Friday:           Cleanup / Standby / React.js / Angular.js

What does testing entail?

Testing is really just wondering how the user would use our product and really making sure it works. We had a headset so we put it on and tilted it around to see whether it would fall, we stress tested our wicks to see whether it would burn, and troubleshooted for any connections that might be unsteady.

And then there is packing

Our product was going to be presented overseas, so we had to pack. Packing is no joke. Lots of bubble wrap and tape, and we also needed to do up a series of videos so that the people on the ground know how to set it up.

Good Food around the Area

Otherwise, the week went by a little more uneventfully. We celebrated the end of the project with a beer at a bar near the workplace.
nd I had the opportunity to enjoy the good food around the area:
Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 5.38.06 PM 20150605_130351
Left: Chirashi Don at Tuckerbox Lunch; Right: Pork Belly Pasta with 63 Degree Egg at Rustic


And I got down to learning some JavaScript properly. I was initially bored by the Dragon Slayer task, but once I got past it, things got interesting. I refreshed my knowledge on Object Oriented Programming (OOP), creating classes, inheriting properties, defining methods (which are just functions), and I think it really tied in well with learning Angular.js and React.js. I’m still in the beginning phases of learning those 2 libraries, but the beginner course really made it easier to identify what certain function calls are really trying to do.

I also reinforced my understanding that taking handwritten notes from these lessons really helps me understand concepts better, like how react.js is component driven, and how to create new components and integrate them, or how angular.js is the support show for web apps. Times are still early, but I’m looking to wrap up on my understanding of JavaScript sometime by the end of next week. \^o^/

Alright, here’s to a new week, and I’m looking forward to another challenge. Let’s go!


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