Diving into Python (深入Python) – A starter

One of my projects is to create a website using Flask. Unfortunately, I don’t have the chops in Python to understand whatever is going on inside the tutorials, so I resorted to the book Diving into Python.

This book is great. It explains everything in so much detail that I can pretty much read it like a book. Of course it is no substitute to actually coding out something, but after struggling through code for about 5-7 days, reading the manual helps me to understand some of the syntax that has been driving me nuts. At the same time, I’m learning quite a lot on the side that I wouldn’t have done had I stuck to the tutorials.

I had covered Comprehensions (which in Ocaml is really just the function map), Regular expressions (ways in which you can parse a string easily), Unicode (now I finally have an understanding of what it is – an attempt to use one uniform way of encoding all possible characters in all possible languages with UTF-8 being the one used in Western systems), getting file metadata (so now I know how the os module actually works), and of course going through the basic data structures of lists, sets and what I can do with them (i.e. symmetric differences, unions etc.). It has been a good refresher so far, but my main motivation behind using this manual is to understand classes and decorators. There are a few good online sources, but somehow I think sticking to one source would be a good idea.

Meanwhile: Personal note to run through this stackoverflow answer on decorators. I should take out a pen and paper and jot it down.


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