Working Title: Japan Society Website

I am in the midst of creating a website for the Yale-NUS Japan Society. Using Flask micro-blog framework, I’m following a tutorial made by Miguel Grinberg. It is absolutely fantastic and I would recommend anyone to peruse.

Why is it great?

he does not take anything for granted. He explains almost every single aspect of flask and its constituent modules.

How am I working through the tutorial?

I am really just copying out the sample code he’s providing. As I’m copying, I add comments by the code to make sure I know what I’ve typed when I read through the code again.

Example:Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 4.43.17 PM
lso, I make annotations by the code to know the syntax exactly.

I will be posting my thoughts on the tutorial, and how I’m editing bits of code separately to customize my own website.

Being a beginner in Python, I’m slowly learning things and not taking syntax for granted. For example, I made the error of substituting a “&” for a “%”, that threw me an error I wasn’t sure how to fix until I compared it exactly with the code and realised my mistake.

More to come!


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