The Moral Bucket List

This article reminds me a lot about the things I have been thinking about during college, and there are a few main learning points I’ve resonated with:

THE HUMILITY SHIFT – also means being aware of my own weaknesses. I’ve taken the time to isolate my weaknesses and think more about how I can overcome it. This also means that I take praise graciously, while being aware of what I still have yet to improve on.

THE DEPENDENCY LEAP – to me means that I no longer think of toughing it out all on my own, and I look for help when I truly need it. Like in my Math Proof class, I take the time to consult Marty, ask Linh, Li Ting, about whether my thinking is on the right track. For my programming class, I frequently check with Jolanda, Anshuman and Aquinas and get really good advice.

But on the other hand, I think I can do more on giving more of my love to people. Let’s see how it pans out.


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